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As part of our Digital Do Tank project, we’ve started to create free videos covering basic skills and tips for the questions we’re asked most.

Everyone needs high quality digital skills, now more than ever. As part of our Digital Do Tank project, we’ve started to create free training videos covering the questions we’re asked most.

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Many of us take these skills for granted, but it’s important to make upskilling as accessible as possible and give everyone confidence to use their tech. These videos are a good way of doing this, alongside our other Digital Do Tank work. This has been increasingly necessary during lockdown, where people have needed digital skills to work from home or keep in touch with loved ones.

Most of our videos adopt a short, sharp, no-nonsense style. Every step is recorded with clear on-screen annotations so it can be easily followed. You can pause and rewind at any time. We noticed that too many existing tutorials are over-complicated, take too long or are lacking in detail, so we have avoided this.

This is very much an on-going project, so do keep an eye out for more content. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss anything.

We would love to hear any feedback or specific video requests. Please email to get in touch.

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