We’ve been proudly coding and making in our little corner of East Sussex since 2013

Our directors

Will Callaghan
Will has worked in the digital industry for 25 years developing product and services for clients including Time Warner, Haymarket and three UK government departments. He was part of the team that launched GOV.UK, and now leads the open source LocalGov Drupal project used by councils across the UK and Ireland. Will is a Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner and RSA Fellow.

Liz Crew
After 27 years in financial services, Liz changed scenery and moved to Eastbourne from Bristol. Following a chance meeting with us, she indulged her inner geek and helped establish our first digital skills and maker space. Liz loves code, 3D printing, photography, electronics (and pizza), but spends more time organising our fantastic team of Elves.

Miles Berkley
Miles creates concepts for the best human orientated solutions for sustainable social spaces, and clients include Google, DeepMind, and Deloitte. Miles is a qualified Scrum Master, and also was co-producer of the AltPitch Arts and Technology Festival 2020.

Nick Turton
Nick is Managing Director and Founder of Zoonou, a leading independent test consultancy based in Eastbourne, and one of the town’s largest tech employers. Over the past 10 years, the firm has delivered managed testing services for over 3,000 projects around the world.

Dave Mann
Dave is CEO of dxw, one of the leading public sector digital agencies in the UK with a team of 150 people. He believes that digital skills are fundamental to improve the lives of people, their families and our communities.


Our associates

These great people across the UK share our mission to share digital skills with everyone. We cheer on each others’ work and often team up for bigger projects

Adam McNaught-Davis
Adam is a design and storytelling supremo, based in Eastbourne and working for clients all over the world. He makes us look great, and helps us share our stories in a compelling and effective way.

Theo Pilbeam
Theo was TechResort’s first student and inspiration for our work. He graduated from Warwick University and is now making tracks in the software industry

Sam Weller
Sam is an electronics consultant with 30 years aerospace experience. His ‘Senior Elf’ duties include electronics, coding, prototyping and making. Occasionally asks annoying (but useful) questions!

Any questions?

If you have a question, or if there’s something we can help with, please get in touch.