Code of conduct

Our code of conduct applies to guests, workshop attendees, volunteers, workers and board members alike

TechResort welcomes lots of different people in different roles into our organisation and the code of conduct is the same for everyone. It also applies when we meet people in person or by digital means.

You can anticipate the following from us…

  • a warm welcome
  • the opportunity to join in various activities
  • access to special equipment, computers, and a space in which to explore your chosen subject
  • a chance to work with and chat to people with experience and enthusiasm in a variety of subjects
  • meeting a wide variety of people who are keen to help you learn new things

In return, we require you to…

  • treat the equipment, our building and – most importantly – everyone there with kindness and respect
  • understand and follow our safety instructions and guidelines
  • join in as much as you can and share your skills and enthusiasm with everyone else
  • act responsibly online

We reserve the right to refuse to host anyone unwilling to follow these rules.

In practice, our code means things like…

  • making everyone feel included and welcome
  • being kind and helping if you can
  • sharing resources fairly
  • calling out bullying or abuse for any reason
  • not making personal attacks or inappropriate comments in online forums
  • asking before taking a photo
  • listening to or reading instructions before launching into an activity
  • not leaving coats, bags or any other stuff where someone might trip over it

We do have a full code of conduct, but we hope this simple list gives you the general idea.

If you’re worried about any aspects please either ask a session leader, or use our contact form to raise a concern.