Services: Digital inclusion consultancy

We’re available to help organisations of any size start, or strengthen, their own digital inclusion schemes

Providing training for the 'Digi Hub' volunteers at Kings Church, Lewes


Digital Exclusion is being recognised as a major issue in our community and something that public, third-sector and private organsations are struggling to get to grips with addressing.

We have a wealth of experience, having helped well over 1000 people with their digital skills over the last few years. We can see patterns of exclusion and have developed successful ways to move towards overcoming it.

A lot of work we do is directly with various service-users: from the elderly, to the socially excluded to people who just need a little assistance navigating their way through essential digital services.

We’ve also worked with local authorities and third-sector organisations to develop their programmes and to help them in the journey of delivering it.

Our work has included:

Co-authoring and hosting the Digital Inclusion Toolkit, aimed at local authorities

– Development and delivery of the digital elements of Citizens Advice 1066 Financial Inclusion programmes

– Development and support of community-based digital hubs in Kings Church Lewes and Hastings HEART

– Development and delivery of East Sussex County Council digital programme for ESTAR clients

We’re available for consultancy arrangements of all sizes to help develop strategies, programmes and to provide training and support throughout organisations’ digital inclusion journey. Please get in touch.

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