As a Community Interest Company, TechResort works solely to benefit our town and the wider digital community

Community Interest Companies are a mix of a regular Limited Company and a Charity. We can earn money, but we can only spend it on specific activities set out in our CIC statement.

We have added a special clause in our Articles of Association which means if we ever make a trading profit, it will never be used to declare a dividend to our shareholders.

We’re set up to “provide benefit to adults, students and entrepreneurs with an interest in creative and technical skills, focused primarily in Eastbourne, but with the potential to expand wider”.

Our activities include local coding and making clubs, and mentoring of students. We also act as a “digital band aid”, helping the wider town when needed. A good example is our 3D printer farm to create face shields for keyworkers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our accounts

Please see our accounts and CIC filings at Companies House.

Any questions?

If you have a question, or if there’s something we can help with, please get in touch.