Services: Work experience for teens

Friendly, supportive and well structured work experience can be a game changer for young people, and we’re committed to providing more this year


TechResort has always believed in the skills and capability of young people. We’ve never been disappointed. The majority of our team delivering our work are under 25.

Many students, schools, and colleges struggle to find engaging work experience placements. These are often vital for proving to prospective future employers that young people are ‘work-ready’ and have all the ‘soft skills’ that go alongside technical ability.

For many employers, taking the time and resources away from day-to-day work to provide a fulfilling placement makes it hard for them to accept students, particularly those on T-level courses where hundreds of hours of work placements are required, and all in-person.

For many students, particularly those with other challenges in their lives, the world of work can seem a scary place – and we can help young people take their first steps towards employment.

Thanks to grant funders such as The Blagrave Trust, we’re able to dedicate our time to helping young people get involved in a range of our activities, often involving them helping other members of our community.

Interested in a work experience placement with us? Please get in touch.

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