Blog: Your old device could help others

We’re still donating devices to help tackle digital exclusion

We’re continuing our work to tackle digital exclusion in our area by providing devices and digital skills coaching.

We’re open three days a week for anyone to drop-in for any digital help and a warm welcome – read more about our open sessions here.

Digital exclusion is worsening as the cost of living crisis continues to hit our community. We’re finding more and more people don’t have access to any devices in order to complete essential online tasks, and stay in contact with loved ones and support networks. For many vulnerable people, having a device is a lifeline that is unfortunately out of reach.

Last month, alone, we gave out over 10 phones, 29 SIM cards, and worked on 12 laptops.

We’ve heard many first-hand stories after donating devices, of how much they have helped. Whether it allows you to search for jobs more easily, claim Universal Credit, stay in touch with family, or complete courses – device and internet access is essential. Read an example of how we have helped here.

Since March 2020, we have been receiving devices kindly donated by members of the public and businesses up and down the country, including phones, laptops, and tablets.

Our team of young workers then:

  • Wipe any remaining data
  • Check it works and is suitable for basic use
  • Upgrade the hardware, if necessary
  • Install fresh software ready for use
  • Place it in a laptop bag with accessories and instructions on getting started

This also gives our team of young workers invaluable technical and employability skills.

We need your help

We’ve been helping more people than ever over the last few months, and we’re running low on the number of devices we can give out.

Do you have any second-hand devices you no longer need? Please consider donating them to us, so that we can pass them on to members of our community in need. Please either fill out our simple online form, or drop them in to our office.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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