Blog: Looking back at our 2022 sessions

It’s been great welcoming our budding coders and makers this year – here are some of our favourite sessions!

Coding LEGO Robots

We’ve been delighted to welcome so many young people this year – some faces familiar, some new!

If you’ve previously attended, or would like to attend in future – it would be great if you could fill out this short survey to help us plan for next year.

It’s been fantastic running over 35 free to attend making and coding sessions this year – here’s a round-up of our favourite ones!

Mini Makers – Fruit Piano


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What better introduction to electronics than making a piano out of fruit?

Everyone learnt about the basics of currents, amps, volts, and resistance, and then used this knowledge to build a circuit using an Arduino and breadboard. With a small bit of code, you can then add different piano ‘keys’ and press them to make the sounds.

Library tour


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Over this year, it’s been a pleasure to work with East Sussex County Council’s library service to deliver a number of sessions, including as part of the Summer Reading Challenge.

A new bit of kit we got this year, and loved using at the summer sessions, is the Adafruit PyBadges. With just a bit of drag-and-drop programming using the free online MakeCode Arcade platform, you can play a game using the screen and buttons on the board.

We also did 3D Printing, Scratch, and created Minecraft worlds which could be explored using virtual reality headsets.

Teens – robots, robots everywhere!


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Whether built out of LEGO or Raspberry Pi, our Teens group loved building robots. Some even featured 3D printed parts to connect the robot together.

Raspberry Pi boards can be used for so much more than robots, too. One of our Teens has made a proof of concept for a Pi-controlled camera to monitor a birdbox over a local network.

Mini Makers – 3D Design a Snowflake

Our penultimate session got our Mini Makers into the festive spirit, 3D designing snowflakes. The results were fantastic. Here’s what the printing process looks like:


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What’s lined up for next year?

Over the winter, we’re still open for digital drop-ins three days a week – find out more on our previous blog post.

We’ll also be resuming our Mini Makers and Teens sessions in January. Make sure to keep an eye on our events page for when bookings open.

We can’t wait to see everyone and get tinkering again. In the meantime, have a fantastic Christmas break!

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