Projects: A digital strategy for a seaside town

We’re exploring ideas to boost skills and the digital economy in Eastbourne and other seaside towns across the UK

Eastbourne Pier


Self funded


TechResort has always been interested in the wider impact of our work, and how it can transform communities for the better.

We’ve gathered extensive experience and knowledge over the last 9 years, and have started to explore how it fits together in a single strategy to change towns like ours.

We’re thinking about:

  • Providing digital skills to all, and ensuring no one is excluded
  • Widening access to the digital industry so it’s as diverse as possible
  • Helping digital businesses to grow
  • Offering students good reasons to stay in Eastbourne, and businesses from elsewhere to relocate here
  • Ensuring that the proceeds of growth are equally shared
  • Fostering a making and repairing culture
  • Working towards net zero
  • Putting our town on the “digital map”

In a series of blog posts, we’ll share our thoughts. We welcome comments, and help to develop a digital strategy that our town and others can use.

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