EU Settled Status Workshops Restart

We’re about to restart our face to face workshops to assist people who need to make or continue an application under the EU Settlement Scheme. The government website also has information in several languages.

Our support is principally for straightforward cases for people who have biometric documents and who can attend in person,  but who do not have the devices or skills to make their application using the government mobile app.

For people without these things there is a lot of information on the government website and Migrant Help in Brighton may be able to assist.

Our appointment workshops will run from early May to the middle of June.  All applicants need to have completed an application with all the relevant information by the end of June so it’s important to make a start early.  Our later appointments will be reserved for people who have already started an application with us.

To book a session with us, please complete our simple form HERE and one of our team will make contact with you.  If at all possible, please supply an email address or mobile phone number to make contact easier.

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