Blog: Donate a device – February update

We’ve been exploring new ways to source laptops and provide them to people who need the most help

In January, we asked people to donate laptops and tablets which we can pass to people who need them most.

We’re delighted with how generous people have been with their donations – we’ve received laptops, tablets, phones and a few bags.

It’s also good to see so many people have come forward asking for devices. Many of the people we’ve heard from have a device, but need more. In families, for example, parents and children often need to be online at the same time. Recipients have told us that having more than one device in the house makes a huge difference.

We’ve been thinking about the best way to get more devices to repurpose. One conversation has been particularly helpful. Eastbourne and Lewes Council have kindly agreed to pass on some devices that they’re currently replacing in a normal “IT refresh” programme. Last week some of their lovely staff met us at the Town Hall to hand over a dozen devices with more coming in future.

We’re now assessing and removing all the existing data from them.

In some cases we’re changing the old disks for new solid state ones which are faster and more reliable. This is particularly important where computers have had heavy usage for a few years. Organisation laptops often get very well used indeed.

Once the laptops have had a good digital and physical “spruce up” we configure them for the new owners. We add a new laptop bag and a mouse to ensure that people can use them in the way that suits them best.

They’re then ready to be delivered or collected.

How you can help

We still need more devices. We’re especially keen to hear from larger organisations like councils, colleges and companies.

If you have a device to donate, please complete this form and we’ll arrange a drop-off point or collection.

If you don’t have a device to donate, you can still give us a few pounds to support this work – thank you in advance.

Need a device?

If you need a device complete this form. You can also request a device for families at your school, clients you support in your organisation, or other people you know.

Sometimes there’s a wait before a suitable device becomes available, but we’ll always try to accommodate all requests.

Thank you so much to everyone who is contibuting to this project in whatever way. This wouldn’t happen without lots of people pulling together.

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