Blog: Can your old phone help others?

Members of our community are digitally excluded – can you help?

We’ve been donating devices including phones, laptops and desktops since the start of 2020. As the cost of living crisis continues, we are finding more need in our local community for phones and SIM cards.

Many of us take using a phone for granted, but without one, the world becomes a much harder place to navigate. Staying in touch with friends and family, job searching, and accessing essential services such as the NHS app or Universal Credit website becomes difficult or impossible without a device.

With all donated devices, we make sure all data is removed, check it’s working, and then pass on to people who need it.

We’re fortunate to be able to donate SIM cards courtesy of the National Databank – read an example of how we helped here.

How to donate your phone

Ideally we’re looking for phones that are:

  • no more than five or six years old
  • in working order
  • with a charger

Please complete our donation form or drop the device into our office during opening hours. We, and the people who we help, would really appreciate it.

If you can, please factory reset it before donating. Instructions are¬†available online for Android and Apple devices. We’re also happy to help you through the reset process if you bring your device in.

Please make a donation

Please consider donating a few pounds to help us tackle digital exclusion. You can donate online or pop in to our office and use our card machine.

I need a device

If you need a device, please get in touch via our request form, or drop into our office during opening hours.

If you work at a local organisation and you would like to request a device on behalf of a client, please use our request form for partner organisations instead.

Who we helped How we helped

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