Blog: Please donate your spare devices

We can repurpose your old laptops, phones and tablets for people in need

Why we need devices

Many people are still unable to get online regularly because they don’t have access to a suitable device such as a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

This was particularly a problem during the lockdowns as people without internet access became increasingly socially isolated.

Most of us take an internet connection and access to a device for granted, but lots got in touch with us saying they were unable to complete work or schoolwork from home, revise for exams, or stay in touch with family and friends through difficult times.

The problem has not gone away. Essential tasks such as accessing benefits, support services, the Government and NHS websites, and job searching all take place almost exclusively online.

How TechResort is helping

At the start of lockdown in March 2020, we decided that we should use our tech know-how and spare devices to help out. Initially, we loaned out spare laptops that we had in the office, but were quickly inundated with requests.

We engage local students to help with project and this gives them valuable, transferable technical and work skills.

We have so far worked on and donated over 250 devices given to us from kind individuals, groups and businesses.

For every device, we:

  • Securely remove all old data
  • Install an up-to-date operating system
  • Set up a personalised account for the recipient
  • Install useful free software
  • Provide a bag, any spare hardware, and advice notes for the recipient

How you can help

If you or your business has any spare devices (laptops, desktops, phones or tablets) that you would like to be repurposed by us and distributed to those in need, please complete this form.

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