Blog: Update on 3D printing face shields

Our 3D printer farm is almost two months old, and here’s the latest facts and figures

Chris, Sean and 3D printer McCoy
Chris, Sean and 3D printer McCoy - part of the great TechResort team!

We founded our six strong 3D printer farm early April. Thanks to your kind donations and the help of seven volunteers, we’ve turned out over 1500 protective face shields so far.

We’ll keep on working as long as needed. Requests are still coming in from care homes and keyworkers, plus we’re helping with the national 3D Crowd effort. Recently we’ve started hearing from shops and businesses who’re working out how to run safely.

Donate to cover our costs here

The finances

Many people have kindly given us money, and we wanted to update you on how it’s been spent. To date, our farm has cost £9300:

  • £4400 on consumables such as printer filament, elastic, cleaning materials and labels
  • £2700 on new 3D printers and related equipment
  • £2200 on salary for staff we un-furloughed to help volunteers get started and manage the project

Thanks to kind donations, we’ve raised £6387 to help with our costs:

  • £3297 from our Localgiving campaign
  • £2000 from Sussex Police’s charity fund
  • £640 from the Eastbourne Mayor’s Fund
  • £450 from the sale of Adam’s badges and mugs

This means we’re currently £2913 short covering our COVID-19 costs.

TechResort is a not-for-profit and receives no public funding (apart from the kind donation from the Mayor’s Fund above).

Any donation large or small will be gratefully received. If there’s any money left over we’ll put half into our after school clubs so they can be kept as affordable as possible. The rest will be donated to Eastbourne Foodbank.

Donate to cover our costs here

Thanks to some very kind people!

The following Eastbourne businesses and organisations have been a massive help:

Last but not least, seven volunteers and five TechResort team members worked long shifts to boost our printing capacity. Thank you Chris, Laura, Liz, Miles, Sam, Sean, Sharon and many more! We wouldn’t have managed this without you.

We’ve pulled together as a town

These 3D printing efforts show what Eastbourne can do. Let’s make sure we continue pull together as our town emerges from lockdown.

Who we helped How we helped

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