Services: One Eastbourne – ‘Amazon for local retailers’

We created ‘One Eastbourne’ to make it easy for local retailers to sell online during the Covid-19 pandemic


Self funded, volunteer time


We read during the Covid-19 pandemic about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ $24bn profit windfall, and wanted to do something to help local retailers.

Starting to sell online can be daunting, and harder if you’re trying to keep a business going during the pandemic. We decided to create an online marketplace that was easy to join, with lower commission rates than similar sites.

‘One Eastbourne’ was born, created by Will, Theo, Adam for free in their spare time. We were also helped by Zoonou who tested all of our work for free, to check it was secure and easy to use.


Sadly, One Eastbourne didn’t take off in the way we hoped. We took the difficult decision to close it in January 2021, and shared our learnings.

We still think this is a good idea, and would like to try it again in the future.

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