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Read all about our latest scheme to encourage phone recycling!

We’re working hard to tackle digital exclusion in our community, and one of the ways we’re helping is with our device donation project.

Since March 2020, we have taken phones, laptops, tablets and desktops, set our young team repairing them, and then donate them to people who have no suitable devices. We’ve been receiving SIM cards from the National Databank, too, which is an enormous help and allows people to get connected right away.

We have helped over 350 people with this scheme, but the need in our area is, sadly, not going away.

Device access, and digital confidence, is something we may take for granted, but everyday tasks are increasingly becoming online-only which is leaving people isolated and vulnerable.

In order to help more people, we’ve launched a new scheme – our phone bank donation boxes.

Some fantastic local community minded businesses and organisations have been early adopters and are hosting the boxes in their premises.

Just reset your phone (there’s instructions linked on the box) and then drop it in – and we’ll come and collect it, so that it can go to someone in need in our community.

Recycling and extending the lifespan of devices is also great for the environment. The UK is one of the largest producers of e-waste in the world – even if your phone is a few years old, it’ll still be a valuable lifeline for somebody.

A huge thank you to – Eastbourne Borough Council, Lewes District Council, Age Concern, Bottle Grove, St Wilfred’s Hospice, Langney Community Library, Foundry Space, MSK Martial Arts, Morrisons Eastbourne, and CPI Print.

You can see them all on the map below:

You can see a few of the boxes out and about:

Would your business like to host a box? Please get in touch using our contact form!

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