Blog: New code club at Cavendish School

We’ve founded a code club with year 5 students at Cavendish Primary, and everyone is delighted with it

Cavendish code club
Code club with year 5 Cavendish students

TechResort has wanted to help set up a primary school code club for a while. It’s never too early to start tinkering with code, and it’s great for problem solving too. Children get an early introduction to the tech industry, and the wide variety of possible jobs they could do.

Conversations started with Katy Moore, careers leader at Cavendish, before lockdown. The club was able to start in September, and we’re coming to the end of our second term now.

Sessions are after school every Tuesday, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the interest from students. The last session was attended by 13 girls and 3 boys! We’re delighted to see lots of girls taking part, and hope this continues.

TechResort provided a session leader and an assistant – thanks Fiona, Lia and Monty! – and scripts for the students to try. Cavendish encouraged students to help run sessions as ‘Digital Ambassadors’ and they’ve all been brilliant! Thanks to Tyler, Ben, Charlie, Sara, Angela, Cameron, George, Summer, Ewan, Noah, and Jemima for your help!

So far student places have been free, with TechResort’s costs covered by grant funding. We think it’s important to provide places at low or no cost, so everyone is able to attend. Next term the club will remain free, and will be run by two year 11 students, supported by IT teachers.

“This is a hugely valuable club to have at the school. Not only is every child going to need digital skills for their futures, but it is also teaching them about the problem-solving skills required and creativity needed in the workplace.”

“The DA’s have grown in confidence over the weeks and seem happy to move around the room asking questions and helping pupils when they get stuck.”

Katy Moore, Careers Lead, Cavendish School

TechResort would like to help establish coding and making clubs at other Eastbourne schools. If you’d like to start one, please get in touch.

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