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Making sure people are registered to vote is a digital-first service – here’s how we’re helping

Almost everyone will know that a General Election has been called.  It will take place on Thursday 4th July.

People need to be registered to vote and, although there is a paper process, the digital pathway is the most efficient way to do it. This means that people without access to a device, internet connectivity or the skills to delve for the information could be excluded from the process, meaning that their voices aren’t going to be heard at the polls.

TechResort is working with the Eastbourne Foodbank to support foodbank clients to make sure they’re registered to vote and have the necessary photo ID.  We’ll be attending all of the Foodbank Satellite sites from Wednesday 5th June to Tuesday 11th June (that’s six sessions, in all).

However, we’re available to help anyone register to vote at our drop-ins or any other sessions we’re attending.  Folk wanting help to register will need a note of their National Insurance number on hand.

In addition to registering to vote, voters who attend a polling station in person must show a valid photo ID in order to vote.  Anyone who doesn’t have one of these forms of ID can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate which will be issued free of charge.  TechResort will also help people apply for these online.

Votes by Proxy and Postal votes also make use of a digital process or the need to download and print a paper form.

Digital exclusion is a daily issue for a large parts of our community.  It isn’t an abstract concept for people affected by it – it affects their access to services, information and support. It also makes it much more difficult for them to actively participate in democratic processes like voting and participating in citizen consultations.  We’re here to help with that.



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