Blog: Donate a device – July update

Here’s an update about our continuing programme to get devices to people who need them

When we started to loan and donate the TechResort laptops in March 2020, we had no idea that almost 18 months later, we’d still be doing it – but this time with machines generously donated by organisations and individuals in our community.

Despite several programmes to reduce the number of people digitally excluded by reason of lack of devices, we know there is still an enormous gap.  So we’re continuing with our work.

With the help of Sussex Community Foundation , Local Giving and the Postcode Community Trust  we’ve been supplying devices to people via their existing support organisations like Age UK East Sussex, NetworX and Southdown Housing.  They have been telling us how important these devices are in ensuring people can access essential services and support, even though lockdown has been easing over the last few months.

As we developed our refurbishing process, we realised that it could make a really good work experience programme for young people.  They are the ones who will be disproportionately affected by the change in work practices that are happening right now.  With more remote working, there will be fewer opportunities to be in a workplace and, without good work experience, it’s very hard for young people to be able to demonstrate their readiness for work after their studies have come to an end.

So we’re now working in partnership with East Sussex College Group to collect even more laptops and to encourage students to come and get some work experience by volunteering with us.

If you have a laptop that you no longer need and it’s less than 10 years old, we’d be really grateful if you would consider donating it to us.  You can give us more details by completing this form or you can just drop it into the reception desk at any of the main East Sussex College sites:  Hastings, Eastbourne, Newhaven or Lewes.

We’re also interested in working with businesses who are refreshing their laptop stocks so please pass the message on or get in touch.

Refurbishing old equipment helps the young people who complete the work, the recipients of the devices and it reduces the amount of electrical waste being put in landfill.  So it’s good on many levels.

If you know someone who needs a device, please complete this form.

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