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We can run Code Clubs

We’ve been running workshops for the community for over 5 years now and in that time we’ve covered a multitude of creative and digital subjects:

From basic digital literacy for adults, through data and project management, and skills in Word and Excel through beginners coding with block-based languages to electronics and robotics.  We also have a wide range of artistic digital equipment (cameras, animation software, sound recorders and software) which we use in some of our workshops.

Out in the community we’ve designed and led sessions to build air quality sensors, introduced young people and adults to the joy of 3D design and printing, helped a local school build a rover vehicle and program a Raspberry Pi computer to take photographs remotely.

We’ve helped product designers, artists and inventors to realise their ideas.

We’ve worked with scouts and guides, schools and libraries and community groups to learn more about the digital world.

Now we’re delighted to have been given a grant by the Sussex Community Foundation to run a programme which will make our skills, our staff, and our equipment available, free of charge, to help YOU with your project.

If you’re a state school, a community library, a voluntary organisation or other community group who would like some assistance then now is your time to ask us to work with you.

What sort of thing can we do for you?

We can’t give you a complete list of everything possible but here are some examples:

  •  train your volunteers or staff to improve their digital skills so they can help your clients better.
  • help you start an after-school Code Club or help your guides or scouts to complete their digital skills badges
  • run a digital pop up to help your clients improve essential digital skills
  • deliver some of our fanstastic hands-on workshops for adults or children who wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to tinker

Running sessions from our own base at East Sussex College  will allow for the widest range of activities but we may also be able to bring our Elves and our kit to you.

So, how do you get us involved?  It’s really simple:  just send an email to with an outline of your potential project and we’ll take a look.  We’ll follow up as quickly as we can with suggestions, information and (probably) a few questions.

We’re hoping to work with 5 – 10 different organisations between September 2019 and August 2020.  Our grant is for a finite amount (obviously) so we’ll be looking for projects where we can have quite a big impact – both directly and indirectly.  But we’ll help you develop the idea, so don’t be afraid to ask.

There’s more information, and a tiny bit of smallprint in the following document: TechResort_Outreach_Programme

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