Blog: Watch our interview with Chalk Eastbourne

Our CEO Will Callaghan talks about why TechResort started, and what we’re working on this year

Chalk interview

Chalk Eastbourne is a community of digital businesses in and around our hometown. It was set up to shout about the great work that’s being done, and to provide a supportive network to grow local talent. We’re big fans of its work, and you should follow them!

Today Donna Fielder from Chalk and I spent an hour talking about why TechResort started in the first place, and our focus for the year ahead.

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What led to you starting Tech Resort in 2013?

Did you imagine it would become was it is today?

How are your new offices working out so far? And why have you chosen to stay in Eastbourne?

You work with a wide range of partner organisations – how do these alliances come about?

How are you supporting schools with their digital subjects and careers advice?

Can you tell us a bit more about the Digital Inclusion Toolkit and how it used by other local authorities?

What are you most excited about working on in 2022?

Can the Chalk Community help with any of your projects? And if so how?

Finally, what advice would you give people wanting to start working in the digital industry?

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