Blog: Scouts earn their makers badges at TechResort

This week we were delighted to welcome the Beaver section of 11th Eastbourne Scout Group to help them achieve their “Digital Makers” badges

The Beavers are aged 6 – 8 years and are a mixture of boys and girls. Leader, Nicola, and her son, Ben brought the youngsters along to Kestrel House to undertake the badge activities.

First they edited a web page which was specifically designed and written for the activity by one of TechResort’s elves, Chris.  They learned how to change the size of text, the colour of backgrounds and to put a different image in the web page – all using HTML.  Let me just reiterate… some of the children were six years old and all of them managed the task!

After the web page task, they learned how to put together all the components for a Raspberry Pi computer and get the computer running.  The reward for completing the task successfully was a quick game of Minecraft.

The rest of the session was spent solving puzzles by writing code – some of them chose a Minecraft themed activity, others chose Angry Birds but all of them made really good progress.  By the end of the session, the room was quietly buzzing with coding activity and it was hard to get some of the kids to leave!

It’s great to see the Scouts have digital activities in their badge system, and it would be lovely if Guiding had something similar.

Nevertheless, if any uniformed organizations would like to come to Kestrel House for an activity session please contact us, and we’ll see what we can do.

Well done Beavers, you were a delight to work with and we’re looking forward to meeting the rest of the group.

Thanks, too, to Nicola for allowing us to test out a new style of session with your group.

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