Meet Chris!

Say “Hi” to Chris who has just become one of our session leaders!

We were delighted when one of our Elves, Chris, recently asked if he could become one of our regular session leaders and start designing some intensive single-subject workshops.

Chris, a computer science graduate, isn’t always able to work full time so he’s been working for us part-time for a few years now and he’s a mainstay of the Elf community.   We benefit so much from our part-time workers and our ability to be flexible around people’s needs makes for a great two-way relationship.

From sorting out our Minecraft server and making sure our file server is well-organised to generally keeping our kit in tip-top (and tidy) condition we, quite literally, couldn’t function without Chris.

He’s planning to develop workshops on HTML/CSS, Unity Games Engine and Android App development.  You also may see him at our Thursday sessions where he’ll be able to help you with your projects.


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