Blog: Is Eastbourne an Adventure Town, and why should we care?

Eastbourne has a great deal to offer tech and creative industry, and we must understand this and play it back to potential markets

I’m sharing a graphic I recently worked on which shows a solid link between tech and science clusters in the US and what is describes as ‘Adventure Towns’.

For me this has a relevance to the challenge of extending the appeal of Eastbourne as a destination for tech companies. In short, how we understand our unique value; what aspects of our offer we give prominence.

What the graphic describes as STEM towns, benefit from higher paid jobs which have a trickle down impact on a local economy.

Our argument at Tech Resort is that Eastbourne has a great deal to offer tech and creative industry – and we must understand this and play it back to potential markets.
We can evidence it by simply understanding why some of the people who have already migrated here from Brighton and London make that call.

We’ve talked to people like Simon Greany (Elucidat/Make Sense Design) who moved here with his young family a couple of years ago, which suggests it’s a combination of many factors including great schools, good community environment, comparatively low house prices and proximity to other centres like the two I mention above (commute or day-trip).

But Simon also highly values getting into the countryside on foot and two wheels as often as possible. He peddles past my house on his way up the Downs often.

What Eastbourne also therefore offers is its almost unique relationship to National Park Downland and coast and in turn what those things offer tech talent that’s drawn towards a particular lifestyle, as well as jobs.

Simon’s not alone. Along with myself a great many people in our growing TR network are telling us the environment plays an important role in their decision to move and stay.

Mountain and road biking, running, walking, surfing, sailing, skating, scooting (the list goes on), are accessible from the doorstep. And that super-convenient adventure matters in busy lives.

Alone, our Adventure Town credentials won’t probably make the difference in attracting big organisations, but they’re a powerful USP for the kinds of people and companies looking to set up businesses which attract the talent Tech Resort seeks; talent increasingly focused on a marriage of lifestyle as well as jobs.

Adventure Towns as Tech Hubs

Should we be saying this in our outward facing marketing? Feel free to share this image and post if you think so.

Tech moving to Eastbourne


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