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Do you have a device that could help a family with their education, work or support? We can accept kit under 10 years old and will make sure it goes to a good home

TechResort needs your help to make sure that families are able to work, study and use essential services at home.

We know that quite often, with several school age children and parents working at home, a family needs more than one device.

Most of the functionality needed is quite basic. Remote lessons, completing online forms, and video calling typically only needs a browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari).

For older students a device with a keyboard (like a laptop) will make typing written work easier.  This means that second hand devices can be really useful, even if they’re not powerful enough for other applications.

To make sure people are as safe as possible online, devices need to be of recent enough specification that they continue to receive regular security updates.  This means we’re asking people to donate unused devices – laptops, iPads, phones, tablets – which are no older than 10 years old, unless they are of very high specification.

How to donate a device

If you have devices that you’re able to donate, please complete this form which will send us the details and we’ll email you to arrange a drop off or collection.

If you’re a company who has replaced your IT equipment but have concerns about how you can be sure you can pass them on safely, please get in touch. All the devices are cleaned and checked, all the data is removed, operating system updated or replaced, given a bag and, if needed, a new mouse before sending back out.

If you don’t have any old kit to donate but would like to make a financial donation, you can do that via our Just Giving page. Thank you!

Not only are good quality, secondhand devices a valuable resource for families, but by prolonging the life of them, it helps to reduce the amount of electronic waste requiring disposal.

Do you need a device?

Please complete this form to let us know what you need and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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