Digital inclusion activities with Citizens Advice in Hastings and St Leonards

TechResort are working closely with Citizens Advice 1066 (CA1066) in St Leonards to help people who are facing financial capability issues and who are also digitally excluded.

We can help with devices for internet access and with basic skills coaching but we need the help of other support agencies in the Hastings/St Leonards area to reach the right people, spread resources around and ensure a co-ordinated approach.

How agencies can get involved

By any of the following:

  • Referring clients to CA1066’s financial inclusion team who can assess their eligibiltiy for digital inclusion support. Please complete, or ask them to complete the referral form.
  • Helping us find more old laptops that can be refurbished by TechResort and passed on to people who need them.
  • Sharing resources such as funding, volunteers or staff time to help with referred clients.

If you’re already running a digital inclusion project for your clients please tell us about it. If you need technical assistance or skills support you’re welcome to contact TechResort and we can dicuss your needs.

As well reaching as many people as possible, we want to gather data about what is actually excluding our individual clients from the digital world so that, together, we can recommend more target actions locally, and nationally.

If you, or someone you know is in East Sussex, on a low income and could benefit from some help with digital skills and devices, then please contact Citizens Advice.