Blog: Dave Mann joins our board

The CEO of dxw is now helping steer TechResort’s work

Dave Mann

I’m delighted to announce that TechResort has a new director: Dave Mann, the CEO of nationally renowned digital agency dxw.

I’ve known Dave for over 10 years. We first met at a get together back in 2010, with the aim of fixing the UK government’s websites. Those conversations led to the foundation of the Government Digital Service and the launch of GOV.UK.

Since then I’ve wanted to work with Dave more. His passion for public service and considering the needs of real people struck a chord with me.

We share the same values: collaboration, prioritising people over processes, deeply listening and adapting to change. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and work on any digital challenge.

After GOV.UK, Dave joined dxw and took the agency from 15 to almost 150 people across the UK. dxw is now among the leading public sector digital agencies in the UK, and moved to employee ownership in 2021.

As TechResort increasingly works outside Sussex, Dave will help us aim higher and help more people. He has a wealth of industry and education experience that will help us expand our reach and impact.

Dave says: “I was drawn to TechResort because of the great work they’re doing and the impact they’re having. The opportunity to join them and support them to scale up their work was too good to pass up.

“I’ve been building digital public services for over 20 years and have seen first hand how vital it is that people can easily use them.

“Lack of confidence around digital or lack of access should not be a barrier to people being able to do the things they need and the work of TechResort directly addresses this.

“Digital skills are no longer a nice-to-have, they are fundamental to improve the lives of people, their families and our communities.”

Welcome Dave! We’re glad to have you aboard!

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