Blog: Codebugs explained

Codebugs are computer programmable micro-controller devices for beginners. Here’s our verdict

What is it?

A computer programmable micro-controller device for beginners

What can it? do?

It has electronic inputs to detect things like switches being pressed. It has outputs to control things like LED lights. It has a built-in LED array which can be programmed to display simple graphics like a scrolling name badge.

How do you use it?

You can program it at the manufacturer’s website using a simple graphical language (where you drag and drop instructions). It can also be connected to a computer like a Raspberry Pi and programmed in Python. It can be sewn to fabric and connect to other sewable components using conductive thread.

Why do we like it?

It’s low cost, easy to get started, even for youngsters. Its design is friendly and appealing.


Proprietary graphical programming interface (rather than something more widely available like Scratch). Downloading programs is a little bit fiddly until you get used to it.

Do I need any extra equipment to make it work?

Just a PC with a browser (like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) to use the CodeBug Website and a USB socket. We haven’t tested it with a Mac computer, or a machine running Linux, yet.

Do we run workshops with it?

Yes – for beginners aged 7 – 10 (we’ll be doing some parents’ sessions, too).

More information?



  1. Sam Weller says:

    Hi Codebug!

    Thanks for the update. That’s very good news, it certainly goes a long way to addressing any reservations I might have in recommending your board to anyone.

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