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It’s time to say a sad goodbye to a few of our folk

It’s been a busy few weeks at TechResort HQ and we’ve seen a few changes to our staff.

Miles Berkley

Miles stepped down recently – he’s been on our board for five years in a time of enormous social upheaval. He was the brains behind our EU settled status support project that helped over 200 people make their digital application to remain in the UK. He went on to coordinate our pandemic response with local organisations to ensure we were able to help the maximum number of people.

His wise head will be missed in our board meetings and sense of humour missed in HQ.  Keep in touch, Miles.

We also said goodbye to Jim who, along with his wife Paula, is moving to live in Ireland. Jim had been with us for three years – again, really helping us through the fallout from the pandemic and the effect it had on people and their everyday lives.

He was our frontline person when we were doing outreach in new places and he helped support our younger staff into that role as well as encouraging them to try new things.

A self-confessed “not very techy person”, it was Jim’s observation on the ease of use of Chromebooks that totally changed how the rest of us geeks viewed them as tool for manageable digital inclusion.  As a consequence we reviewed our stance of putting Ubuntu on older laptops in favour of ChromeOS Flex which most clients prefer to use.  We couldn’t have done that without you, Jim. Sláinte!

Sean was one of TechResort’s first young employees – joining at the age of 14 as a session assistant in our young people’s after-school programme.  After 8 years he’s moved into a full-time role with a national anti-poverty charity.

Anyone who’s had anything to do with TechResort in the last few years will know Sean.  From leading digital inclusion or young people’s sessions, running our work experience (WEX) programme, managing our schedule to fixing website problems, setting up our repurposing tracker and writing funding bids (to name but a few)  – he’s done it all.  He, along with his young colleagues, have driven our work in the last few years and we’re enormously grateful for all his hard work.  Good luck Sean – and don’t forget to read the script!

We’re going to miss these chaps enormously – the image “Get things done” is very apt for all three of them.  Good luck with the next phase of your lives – and visit us soon!

We’ve started a programme of rejigging staff and our programme so look for news soon.

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