Blog: What would you like 3D printed?

It’s a great time to start 3D printing, and we’re offering our expertise for free!

Ultimaker 3D Printer

Every time we’ve showcase our 3D Printers, people are fascinated by the process. Now we’re offering the opportunity for you to try 3D printing for yourself!

3D design is a very creative process, and it can be used for all manner of things. Most recently we’ve printed PPE for key workers, but we’re also using it for our after school and community sessions. Our budding makers have designed name badges, ball mazes, headphone stands, spare parts for games and model trains among others!

What we’re offering

Thanks to some new grant funding, we can now share our 3D printers more widely. Plus our Elves are on hand to help with your design and get it printed.

Any model that can be printed in under 3 hours, we’ll print and deliver for free. You might have a 3D model prepared and ready to print. Or you’ve got an idea in mind, but are unsure how to proceed. Or you could be an absolute beginner, and want to learn more.

All you’ve got to do is get in touch – drop us a line to One of our team will reply and either get your existing model printed or help get you started learning 3D design.

Check out our resources

If you have Windows 10, you can download 3D Builder for free and then have a go at following our PDF scripts below.

First – to familiarise yourself with the software and make a name badge

Second – to make a ball maze

A 3D printer works by heating up plastic filament, and then extruding it out in thin layers to create a model. The model is designed first, using a software package. Once you have sent us the model, we can ‘slice’ it which gives the printer instructions for extruding.

With this process in mind, remember that any models sent must be ready to print. There can’t be any large overhangs or weak points in the design as this could result in the print failing. Also take into account that the model will be printed in one colour. We have a small range of colours available which can be discussed prior to printing.

We look forward to seeing your 3D creations turn into reality!

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