Settled Status help

What’s the need?

The UK Government requires EU citizens living in the UK to apply for ’Settled Status’ in order to stay here post-Brexit.

Applications can only be made online, and require a modern smartphone or tablet. The process includes significant technical hurdles.

The applicant needs a reasonable level of written English, and to have specific detailed pieces of information to hand.

We found that many EU citizens in Eastbourne were missing some of these things. They were either paying expensive agencies to help, or were simply stuck, and unable to do anything.

How we’re tackling it

We ran a few pilot sessions to better understand the issues, using a digital skills outreach grant we already had.

The sessions were a success so Eastbourne Borough Council paid for more. To date we’ve run 40 hours of activity, providing 1:1 help to over 100 people.

We’ve also been able to train a team of volunteers in Lewes (East Sussex) to set up their own programme.

Lockdown meant we had to postpone the programme, but we’ll be relaunching in a socially distanced format soon.

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