Projects: A makerspace for Sussex

Our new base has a vast array of making equipment, and we’re always looking for the opportunity to expand


Self funded


Makerspaces and Fablabs are places for people to use a variety of digital and physical tools to make things.

Some people make things for fun. Others may want to create working prototypes to test with potential customers before going to the expense of mass manufacture.

The latest iteration of our makerspace, in our new base, has a large lasercutter, several 3D printers, a dye-submlination printer and small hot presses for printing designs on fabric, mugs, coasters and more besides.

We also have digital graphics workstations with Adobe Creative Cloud installed, photo printers, graphics tablets, cameras and digital sound recorders.

Our electronics lab has many different microcontrollers, sensors, LEDs and other components. We also have an array of Raspberry Pi single board computers with peripherals and accessories.

Our ambition

TechResort has been interested in making and tinkering for a long time, and our dream is to run a huge makerspace that’s open to all.

We recently read about Bloqs in Enfield, London. It was funded by the Mayor of London and a local council, and shows what’s possible.

Until then, we’ll keep gathering know-how and running making events. We plan to run beginners sessions for adults, introducing various creative tools. We expect people will come along regularly to develop their skills with basic support from us.


It’s important not to afraid of the medium you’ve chosen to make something with. Sometimes new techniques and technologies can be daunting, but we use the same tried and tested TechResort approach – start small, and build on what you’ve learned.

The internet is an amazing resource. You can nearly always find articles or videos to help when you get stuck.

It also helps to have a specific project or aim in mind when you start. It keeps you focussed and motivated

For new makers our main message is “don’t expect to be taught”. You need to be prepared to find the information or ask for help to do a specific thing.

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