Blog: You’re invited to #LetsPrint

You’re sure to have heard about 3D printing and here’s your chance to see it in action

TechResort has teamed up with the RSA to bring you a whole day’s worth of 3D printing goodness on Saturday 22nd November from 10am to 6pm at Cohub in Eastbourne.

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Acclaimed RSA Young Designer James Langdon will present ‘Gentle Guider’, a revolutionary customisable dog harness. Student Venture Challenge winner Tom Parker will talk about ‘Being a 3D Print Entrepreneur’ and Dr Aiden Delaney will show recent work by the University of Brighton.

There will be plenty of opportunities to see 3D printers at work including an amazing chocolate printer from Choc Edge. Attendees can submit designs for our competition and lucky winners will see them take shape in chocolate!

Thanks to Cohub for being amazing hosts as always and to AsherN for the photo.

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