Great ideas from the Lab Challenge

Futuregov helped Eastbourne residents devise great money saving proposals and we had a hard job picking between them.

Futuregov invited us along to its Lab Challenge a couple of weeks ago and you can read an update here.

The aim of the day was to get people thinking about money saving ideas and we saw plenty of those. My six year old son and I were asked to join the judging panel and we had the hard job of picking between them.

My eldest’s favourite was “Wattson”, an app to encourage kids to track the energy use of their household and make positive changes. The cartoon dog may have influenced his choice, but the idea was very sound and we could see it being picked up by an energy company or a local council.

The overall winner was “Growing Together”, a simple idea to match existing allotment owners who need help tending their plot with people who’re on the waiting list for space. It could launched tomorrow and we hope it will be.

I love Futuregov’s JFDI approach and hope that they do a lot more in Eastbourne.

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