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My name is Shaun and I’m a partially sighted web developer. Please support me so I can help others to build accessible websites

Hi fellow tech enthusiasts! My name is Shaun and I’m a partially sighted web developer. I’m launching Insite on Kickstarter to help others with disabilities get better access to the world wide web.

For many, the digital world (or just turning on a computer) can be a daunting prospect, but imagine what it’s like for those with a visual impairment.

I understand what that feels like first hand, having a visual impairment of my own. I set up Insite to build accessible digital products that allow everyone to engage in our digital world equally… regardless of ability.

It’s been a constant yet rewarding struggle to build my business, but I’m committed to improving digital accessibility. Now I need YOUR help.

Insite is my personal journey and life challenge (alongside some talented friends and colleagues). We’ll help third sector organisations build disability friendly products and websites as well as software. We’ll also work with companies to spread the word about accessible design and optimising their own products.

Please help

I need to raise £2500, which when added to my own funds will buy bespoke computer hardware – items that will make me more productive and therefore make digital accessibility in the third sector a reality for many, not just a few.

The kit I need includes a specialist screen, computer and accessories designed specifically for those with visual impairment. It also includes software that will help me get the most from the hardware and work productively to create powerful solutions for the third sector.

We hope that you can see the importance and value of what we are doing and get involved. It will help me use my experience, specialist knowledge and intelligent design to combine beauty with accessibility – because a beautiful web should also be an open one!

Please back my Kickstarter – thanks!

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