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Our annual ‘Grow Your Tenner’ campaign is now live. Last year you dug deep and helped us raise £1000 – we’d love to smash that target this time round.

Thanks to our friends at, much of the money you give will be matched. A donation of £10 is worth £21.67 with Gift Aid, for example.

We’re helping Eastbourne…

We’ve done so much over the last year. Many more of Eastbourne’s young people have got the chance to code and make. It’s the kind of experience that changes lives.

We’re working hard to remove the barriers to growth for local digital, tech and creative businesses. They need space, skills and funding and we’re laser focused on getting this.

We’re also starting to shout about Eastbourne on the national stage. There’s so many talented kids and great businesses here, it’s hard not to.

There’s so much more to do and our funding won’t last forever. ‘Grow Your Tenner’ is our once a year chance to raise big money and you can play a part.

Please help us

    • For donations up to £10 please click here and enter your details. It’ll bring us up to £21.67 with gift aid



  • If you’d like to give more than £60, please get in touch and we can talk about other ways of giving


We really appreciate the support and trust Eastbourne has shown us over the last year. With your help we can go on making our town a great place for digital, tech and creative people.

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