Funding makes all the difference!

A chance to thank those who make TechResort a reality

As we’re coming to the end of an important project it’s a good time to remember that, without charitable funding, organisations like TechResort simply couldn’t do its work.

Our InfoFi project which has been a key part of what we’ve been doing with some of our young workers and attendees was funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund – or, as it’s now known “The National Lottery Heritage Fund”.

TechResort is incredibly lucky to be supported, day to day, by local organisations like East Sussex College Group, The Network Factory, Cloud ConnX, and by donors who make donations via our Local Giving page or by directly supporting us in the Eastbourne Lottery.  Without all this we really couldn’t hold any public sessions at all – and even then, we have to charge for most sessions which we’d really rather not have to do. But sadly, this support still leaves a big gap in our finances.

With no governmental (national or local) support we turn to grant funders who fit the profile of some of the work we’d like to do – but can’t find the money for.  National Lottery Heritage Fund is one such grant-making organisation.

Our “InfoFi” project has allowed some of our young people to learn more about an important heritage building in their town; about the challenges of looking after old buildings; how to work with adult volunteers; how to explain the tech they’ve developed using appropriate language to encourage rather than put-off potential users and, of course, how to design and build a device from concept through prototype to version 1.0.

In addition it’s also given them the opportunity to see how their electronics, coding, design and project management skills can be used in a real-life project and to see how they can bring benefit to a field they might not previously have thought much about.

We would really like to thank the Wish Tower Friends for their enthusiasm, encouragement and support along the way but most of all we’re very grateful to the National Lottery and its players for making this project possible.

We’ll be posting more technical details of InfoFi in our “Things We’ve Made” section very soon.



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