Device Repurposing

Do you have a device to donate?

We will make sure that all data is wiped, and that your device goes to a member of our local community in need.

Please complete our donation form or drop the device into our office during opening hours. We also have a number of ‘phone bank boxes’ out and about in the community, where you can drop your old device off.

For phones in particular, please factory reset them if you can. Instructions are available online for Android and Apple devices. We’re also happy to help you through the reset process if you bring your device in.


Who will my device go to?

Simply anyone living locally in desperate need for a digital device to help with their lives. We’ve given devices to school children to help with their homework, pensioners to stay in touch with distant relatives and people who need to get online to manage their benefits claims and other legal obligations. We get referrals from food banks, shelters for the homeless and vulnerable, and organisations helping refugees amongst others.

What about my data?

If your device is factory reset, any data stored on it will be wiped. You should do this before donating it to us, but we always double check when we receive them.

What sort of devices do you want?

For phones – anything that is capable of sending and receiving calls and texts will be of use.

For tablets, laptops and desktops – anything under 10 years old.

What sort of devices can’t we accept?

If your device won’t turn on at all we’re unlikely to be able to get it working well again.

If the battery life is very poor and the back of the phone isn’t easily removable to replace it, it probably won’t be economical for us to repurpose.

We don’t want to send out devices with broken screens. These are usually impossible to repair and expensive to replace.

How do you prepare them?

With every device we receive, we make sure to:

  • Wipe any remaining data
  • Check it works and is suitable for basic use
  • Upgrade the hardware, if necessary
  • Install fresh software ready for use
  • Place it in a bag with accessories and instructions on getting started

Are you in need of a device?

If you work at a local organisation and you would like to request a device on behalf of a client, please use our request form for partner organisations

Please note that demand is high and so you may have to be placed on a ‘first-come, first-served’ waiting list.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our device repurposing scheme, or would like to find out more – please get in touch using our contact form