Code adding another language to Devonshire’s diversity

Devonshire Ward in Eastbourne, where we teach programming languages, is also the home to residents speaking more than 40 different languages of their own.

Recently Tom Heatley, local artist and teacher, ran a session with youngsters to come up with a display in Tech Resort’s window to celebrate this.

His concept was called ‘Hello World’. When first learning a programming language, as many Tech Resort youngsters are, students often learn to teach the computer say these words.

Tom’s team produced lots of artworks with ‘Hello World’ written in different tongues – including the binary code used by computers – zeros and ones, painted on a pebble.

We think this little pebble sums up a great deal about Tech Resort and our aims.


  • Thanks to Towner Eastbourne for partnering on this project. Pictured Tom Heatley.


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